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Project Arch-ae-o offers you the opportunity to better prepare your child for a visit to Cahokia Mounds or other Mississippian sites near you. Discussions with your child about the trip will be more interesting, educational and enjoyable too. It contains six engaging investigations of the Cahokia Mounds Historic Site supported with interactive modules and streaming video containing art, historical photos, and Mississippian artifacts from Cahokia Mounds and museums around the country.

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In order for your child to gain entry to Project Arch-ae-o, a parent must register with his or her own email. All parents who register will receive an access code for themselves and their child and a monthly Cahokia Mounds e-newsletter too.

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Built-in Awards and Incentives

Simulated digs and quizzes are built into the investigations. Mississippian symbols are awarded to students that score a certain number of points. The symbols won can be found in each student's online Arch-ae-o Archive. Not only do students learn the meaning of the symbols in the process, but will be able to recognize many of them on actual artifacts.

For Homeschooling Parents

A Teacher's Guide is available here and Student Journals are available here.