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1. On the back of the Birdman Tablet you'll find a pattern that probably represents NESN
2. The serpent's tail splits and becomes two vines on her back with SH growing on them
3. The bowl now contains , a main staple of the Mississippian diet.
4. The raccoon is surrounded by SRG baskets and pots.
5. The tool looks like a horizontal with a vertical drill shaft.
6. Cedar poles were used to build the WDNEX.
7. These stones were used in a .
8. The effigy of a big toe was used as a .
9. The Mississippians fired clay to make their OTR.
10. The grooves are where a WD   HDE would be attached.
11. You can find the tail under a bundle of SS.
12. These are not arrowheads, but spearpoints made by P   IDN.