Frequently Asked Questions

My school bans YouTube and other online video OR the videos don't load and play properly on my computer.

Order the videos on a CD and load them onto your school server. You can then access the stored video rather than the streaming videos by checking the appropriate box in the teacher admin section.

The interactive modules do not play.

Be sure that you have Flash Player 10.0 or higher on your computer. If not, download it for free here.

My PDF files do not open correctly OR my browser displays a blank white screen.

Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat viewer on your computer. If you do have the current version on your computer and you are still having problems, you can try to:

  • disable "view in browser" feature
  • download the PDF to hard drive
  • order a printed copy from Cahokia Mounds

Still having problems?

Please contact us with any other technical problems, describing your problem in detail. You should also include the type of operating system you are using (such as Windows XP or Mac OS X), type of browser (Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox), and the versions of Flash and Acrobat you are using. Any other details you can provide will help in determining the source of your problem.