A National Byways Project

Funded in part by the Federal Highway Administration

Project Arch-ae-o is the result of a two-year collaborative effort between the Cahokia Mounds Museum Society (CMMS), a number of noted archaeologists, and Schwartz & Associates Creative in St. Louis. Cahokia Mounds is located on two National Scenic Byways ‑ History Route 66 and the Great River Road. Project Arch-ae-o was partially funded by a generous grant from the National Byways Program of the Federal Highway Commission.

Illinois Department of Transportation

Melissa R. Henricks, special program manager

Cahokia Mounds Staff

Project Directors

Lori Belknap, Cahokia Mounds Museum Society executive director
Leah Joyce, former Cahokia Mounds Museum Society executive director


Mark Esarey, Ph.D., site manager, resources and content advisor
Bill Iseminger, associate site manager, content advisor

Content Advisors

James A. Brown, Ph.D., archaeologist, Northwestern University Department of Archaeology
John Kelly, Ph.D., archaeologist, Washington University Department of Anthropology
Lucretia Kelly, Ph.D., archaeologist, University of Missouri-St. Louis Department of Anthropology
Timothy R. Pauketat, Ph.D., archaeologist and professor of anthropology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
F. Kent Reilly, Ph.D., professor of anthropology, Southwest Texas State University

Produced by Schwartz & Associates Creative, St. Louis

Educational Concept and Design

Elizabeth Farmer Schwartz, Ph.D., executive producer

Video and Audio Components Production and Design

William J. Schwartz, writer/director
Tyler Schwartz, producer/editor
Kirby Graber, camera
Audrey McCandless, production assistant

Web Development

Jerome Gaynor, infrastructure architect
Laura Spenke, graphic art/programming
Matt Smith, graphic art

Project Arch-ae-o logo by Stacey Harris